Is IVF Painful?

Is IVF Painful

Are you apprehensive about trying IVF because you heard or think that it can be very painful? Then you must know that the IVF procedure itself is not really painful. At least not more than any regular pinch or pain you probably experience multiple times during the day.

IVF is a rapidly growing science. However, many couples are still taking their time to become convinced about IVF because of common misconceptions and myths regarding the treatment. And pain during the IVF procedure is one of them.

Before discussing any further about this common IVF myth, let’s first understand what IVF is and what really happens inside the IVF laboratory.

What Is IVF?

IVF or in vitro fertilization is one of the most widely opted assisted reproductive technology procedures. Under the IVF treatment, your eggs and sperms are retrieved and made to meet inside an IVF laboratory to form embryos.

Healthy embryos are picked and nurtured inside the IVF laboratory for a few days before your fertility doctor can place one or more of them inside your womb for implantation. If the embryo(s) successfully implants itself onto the uterus lining or the endometrium, your journey towards parenthood is said to have begun.

Steps Involved In The IVF Process

If you are considering IVF to have another fighting chance at getting pregnant, you can expect your IVF specialist to take you through the following steps of the procedure:

1. Preliminary Consultation & Physical Examination
Your fertility doctor and IVF specialist will ask you important questions regarding your history, lifestyle, BMI, previous pregnancies, miscarriages, etc.

2. Ovarian Stimulation
Your ovaries are stimulated for egg production with the help of hormonal injections that are given to you on the second day of your menstrual cycle.

3. Trigger Injections
Once the fertility doctor finds that the egg has grown adequately, they will give you an injection for the last phase, for the egg to mature and loosen from the follicle wall. These hCG injections are called trigger injections.

4. Egg & Sperm Retrieval
36-38 hours after the trigger injection, the fertility doctor will sedate you for egg retrieval or pick up. This procedure is done in the operation theatre under anesthesia.

Once the eggs have been retrieved, your partner’s semen sample is collected on the same day.

5. Fertilization
The sperm samples are washed and concentrated before they are placed with the eggs in the laboratory, under the method known as conventional IVF. Another technique of IVF, where the sperm and the egg are combined, is known as ICSI.

6. Embryo Transfer
Healthy embryos are nurtured for two to five days before they can be placed inside your womb. For an embryo transfer, the embryologist will load the embryos in a thin catheter and hand it to the fertility doctor, who will insert this thin catheter into your uterus, through the cervix. Embryo transfer usually takes just a few minutes and is usually a painless procedure that does not require anesthesia.

Is IVF A Painful Procedure?

As you can see from the steps listed above, IVF does not have any surgeries or painful procedures as part of the process. The pain you may feel is the same as taking any other regular injection, along with some additional discomfort that you may feel especially during egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

Moreover, pain is a subjective feeling that differs from person to person. What may be unbearable for someone could be a breeze for you to bear. The same is the case with IVF too. Therefore, do not base your judgments of the pain during an IVF procedure on somebody else’s experience.

Your IVF journey can be a smooth sail if you’re under the right treatment and care. If your fertility specialist explains every step and what to expect, you will realize that the procedure is actually comfortable. Therefore, choosing an experienced fertility doctor and fertility specialist is crucial. Also, if you’re opting for IVF, make sure you insist on meeting the embryologist as well. After all, they are the ones who will be making your embryos in the laboratory.

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