Dr.Navin Desai

Director and Co-Author Making babies the IVF way

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Dr.Navin Desai

With over 10 years of experience in the IVF industry, Navin possesses a unique skill set encompassing both Core Embryology and Management. He is proficient in core embryology skills such as Gamete handling, Embryo biopsy, and MACS. Further, he has worked with eminent International Pharmaceutical companies like GSK, Lupin, and Mylan, which has provided him with extensive experience in Scientific Marketing and People Management. Navin has completed his Business Administration degree, a Masters in Biotechnology, and a Masters in Embryology from the UK. He has worked with renowned national and international IVF chains, including Nova IVI Fertility and Fertility Associates in New Zealand. Navin has also published a scientific paper titled "Effect of environmental stress on Oocytes" in the prestigious Human Reproduction journal.

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