Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

Infertility in women can be of many types – one where the quality or quantity of eggs produced does not allow healthy and surviving embryos to form, and the other where the egg production is fine, but the embryo cannot stick to the uterine lining because of issues within the uterus. When either or both cases become hindering factors for you and your partner to conceive a child, surrogacy comes as a blessing in disguise. While considering surrogacy, however, there is one important question that often comes to mind – how much does surrogacy cost in Bangalore?

Surrogacy Cost In Bangalore

The complete surrogacy package cost in Bangalore ranges between Rs. 10 – 12 lakhs and usually includes:

  • Consultation fees for the fertility specialist and doctor
  • Cost of the IVF treatment (in case of gestational surrogacy)
  • Any associated medical treatments
  • Legal fees
  • Antenatal charges like surrogate’s food, medicines, accommodation, etc.
  • Token of gratitude paid to the surrogate for undergoing changes in her body during the pregnancy period and after giving birth to the child.

Before getting started with the surrogacy treatments and procedures, a legally binding agreement is signed by the couple and the surrogate to avoid any unforeseen legal hassles during the course of the treatment and pregnancy, and after the delivery of the baby.

With a high success rate, surrogacy is one of the most conducive options for infertile couples to make their dream of having a child come true. Though the surrogacy cost, in general, is almost double or triple that of IVF treatment cost, the success rate is higher in the case of surrogacy by multifold.

Surrogacy in Bangalore gives couples one of the best chances of starting a family of their own and being the biological parents of your child, at a very reasonable cost. The probability of a positive outcome completely justifies the surrogacy cost in Bangalore. And this is what ensures that Bangalore remains one of the most popular hubs for surrogacy in India and the world.