Stories of Hope and Happiness

Mrs Apeksha and Mr Prathik

We started our treatment at Archish IVF around 4 months back. Actually before that we had multiple cases of like miscarriage once and two chemical pregnancies and we were going from doctor to doctor and we were finding it very challenging.We are hoping that now everything will go smooth from here by Gods’s Grace. Other places where we went was slightly intimidating for me but when I used to come to Archish I felt a sense of comfort with all the nurses and the sisters and with the doctors as well. That also helped us in a way.

Mrs Sumita and Mr Gangishetty

After going through this treatment, I would really recommend people who are suffering infertility, would really recommend you guys take a step at the right moment. Think about it. Do not waste time because we have already wasted a lot of time and I would expect the other couples not to waste time like that.Take action quickly and think about the alternative treatments if it's not happening naturally because this result, this life is a different life. You will not realize it when we are just two. When you are three, you will realize what is the life God hasset for us. So really, think and go through the treatment. About Archish, it is a remarkable experience here. Throughout the treatment and also the staff here, they are very helpful. Naming Dr. Naveen Sir, Dr. Rishina, I will really thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs. Sarmili and Mr. Balakrishna

Hello everyone, this is Pala here and this is my sweet wife Samali. We have been fighting for a baby from the last 18 months but we were not able to conceive but finally the day has come on our 7th anniversary. Me and my sweet wife have been blessed with a baby and she finally conceived. I am really really grateful to Archish IVF for all the treatment and the procedures that they have taken so far. Carmela Ma’am and Dr. Suchitra Ma’am have been really great and they have been so kind to us towards the treatment that has been taken so far and thank you so much Archish IVF, I am really grateful

Stories of Hope and Happiness

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